A man with a knife attacked people at the station of Amsterdam


Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

A man with a knife attacked passengers at the Central station of Amsterdam, after which he was shot by law enforcement officers. This is stated in Friday, August 31, on the website of the police of the city.

As noted, stabbed two people. To the hospital to assist sent both the victims and the perpetrator.

Currently the place is undergoing investigations, part of the station closed. What was the cause of the incident is not reported.

According NLTimes, two people first began to fight on one of the platforms. Then one of them pulled out a knife. As a result, the police had to neutralize the attacker by shooting him. A man is in hospital under arrest.

August 23, a man with a knife attacked residents in the village of Trapp, near Paris. In the result, two people were killed, another seriously injured. It was reported that killed two women — the mother and sister of the malefactor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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