In the newspaper in 1995 found the secret code


Photo: @ittaia

Developer Ittai Abraham (Ittai Abraham) have discovered the oldest hash in the blockchain-chain in the world. As he said in his Twitter, information pieces published in the American newspaper the New York Times under the heading “lost and found”.

The system is based on the work of specialists of Stuart Haber (Haber Stuart) and Scott Stornetta (Scott Stornetta), which in 1991 developed a prototype blockchain chains. It is their writings is the description of bitcoin.

The system of Haber and Stornetta called Surety. Its primary asset was AbsoluteProof is the equivalent of a digital signature. Instead of having to place hashes of clients in the digital register, the staff of the Surety weekly create a database of all added to the database and publish this information in The New York Times. Hash is placed in the section “lost and found”. According to the speakers, it makes it impossible to forge the data.

Data are published in The New York Times since 1995. The idea has delighted representatives of the blockchain. For example, the co-founder of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said in his Twitter that it would be possible as an attack on the existing system to create a fake issue of the newspaper and distribute it. However, Balerina, this would be quite difficult.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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