Relation of passengers to the toilets in the aircraft


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British online-service Cost Jet travel has conducted a survey among its customers and found out what the myths associated with toilets on the planes and flights, passengers believe still. It is reported by The Sun.

It turned out that 12 percent of respondents fear that can get stuck in the toilet of an airliner, but experts have allayed their fears, explaining that this is impossible. Another 39 percent of respondents believe that the waste from the toilets are ejected from the aircraft on the go. Experts said that in fact all waste merges into the tank, where they are stored until the end of the flight, and then passed to the airport staff.

They also found that 74 percent believe that it is possible to open the door of a passenger plane in the middle of the flight, but the staff assured that this is only possible in the presence of superpowers.

In July, the airline of Hong Kong shared little-known facts that are associated with food being served on Board aircraft. The General Manager service delivery Kris Britt said that the meals on Board more recent than I think many passengers and more nutritious than conventional food.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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