The British demanded to equate spice to heroin


Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

A group of British commissioners of England and Wales called on the government to change the classification of a spice — artificially created substitutes for cannabis. About it writes The Independent.

The officials, watching over the effectiveness of maintaining order in their respective areas, sent a joint open letter to the home office (Ministry of interior). In it they warn that these synthetic substances pose the most serious threat to the health of citizens in recent decades.

In the UK there is a drug classification, they are divided into three categories: class a, class B and class C. currently, the spice made the second, however, the commissioners propose to move it to the first. Thus the mixture want to equate to heroin and cocaine.

“Our concerns are not only with the devastating effects of spice on those who eat it, but with a broader negative consequences of experiencing family, community and emergency services”, — said in the letter.

In the UK the punishment for possession, manufacture and sale of a prohibited substance depends including from that to which category it belongs. So, for possession of a class B drug can be up to five years in prison, a fine at the discretion of the court or both. Thus for the production and distribution of behind bars, you can spend up to 14 years. In the case of a substance from a class A punishment increases to seven years in the first case and up to life in the second.

In may it was reported that the spice epidemic broke out in British prisons and threatens the health not only of prisoners but also helps them to nurses. It was noted that the convicts in some cases, mix the spice with tobacco, which leads to serious consequences for those who simply inhales the smoke.

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