The head of the center of assistance to the terminal patients complained of threats of black realtors


Nut, Federmesser: Valery sharifulin / TASS

Director of multidisciplinary center for palliative care, founder of the hospice charity Fund “Vera” Nut Federmesser complained of threats. She told RBC.

According to her, they began to come after one of the hospices was trying to take elderly woman who is the sole owner of three-room apartment in Moscow. It came a few people and had relatives, however, native women have.

One of the visitors introduced himself Narine Danielyan, was with her two men. “They quickly wrote a statement that she asked her to go home in connection with loss of trust of the medical staff, she set up the signature, and the doctor is ready to let go, well, adequate, conscious, wants to go home, but something tipped him off,” — she described the situation in Facebook. Federmesser alerted by the fact that the visitor constantly held the woman’s hand and shot the event on camera.

To release the patient refused and because of this, between visitors and doctors had a conflict. “In short, their cries and screams picked up by the police. Told us that from the point of view of the law, to keep them more than a couple hours will not work. That is, we had a couple hours to grandma to be evacuated”, — concluded the Director of the centre and said that the woman was redirected to a “secret place”.

Federmesser said that after the incident, she and her relatives began to receive threats, she also damaged the car. She suggested that this involved “a gang of black realtors”. In confirmation of the words she cited data from the website of the Investigative Committee. The report says that in 2012 in Saint-Petersburg in fraud with apartments was charged 43 year old woman named Narine Danielyan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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