Trump took offense to Europe because of the machines


Donald Truephoto: Leah Millis / Reuters

The US President Donald trump called Europe “as bad as China”. According to him, the trade policy of the European authorities in relation to colleagues from the USA leaves no choice for Washington. So the President commented on the failure of the trade deal with the EU and prospects for the imposition of the duties against European products. About it reports Bloomberg.

“It’s not good enough” — briefly described the proposal by the European Union within the framework of a trade war in an interview. The reason for the failure of the transaction, according to trump, the steel tariffs on the import and export of cars that the American President is brought outside of the negotiations on the trade deal between the US and the EU. The trump statement was made against the background of statements of the European Commissioner for trade Cecilia malmström, who expressed hope for the zeroing of all the duties that trump is not satisfied.

“The European Union is as bad as China only less,” trump insists. The Agency notes that the US President instructed the Commerce Department to double-check how the imposition of trade duties on the supply of civilian and trucks in the United States may cause damage to national security.

In the moment between the countries has a system of double tariffs for the supply of cars. For the supply of cars from the United States must pay 10 percent duty, while inverse supply is only 2.5 percent. The European Union as part of a deal offered at all to zero duty, however, trump this offer is not staged. The US President proposes to raise the fee by 10 — 25 percent.

The European Union plans on such measures to meet the mirror that can cause more damage to the United States, as, for example, the European BMW and Mercedes have plants in the United States. BMW was planning in 2018 to sell in the European market, about 70 thousand made in the USA crossovers X3.

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