Assisting addicts Russians wanted to put


Photo: Igor Kataev / RIA Novosti

Drug article can be enlarged by additions of the 230th article of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (“rendering opportunity for consumption of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues”), paragraph on promoting the use of drugs. This was announced by the representative of the Investigative Committee (IC) Paul Zenkovich at the meeting on prevention of the use and spread of drugs among minors in the Public chamber, RIA Novosti reported.

The speaker stated the need to legally fix the notion of assistance. “It is already fall, those who provide apartments for the use of drugs, so-called “koliki” who put the injections, those who bring the drug at the request of the customers whose actions we are currently unable to qualify as a decline,” said Zenkovich.

He noted that to date the detention of the distributor without the drug on hand, it can be prosecuted under article 228 of the criminal code (“Illegal manufacture, sale, or shipment of narcotic drugs”), provided that the substance is transmitted a significant amount of.

As explained by the representative of the Ministry, the proposal formed on the basis of developments of the UK, but not yet issued in the bill. The decision on the need for the amendment due to the fact that teenagers are more likely to sell drugs with the aim of improving the material well-being, while not using them.

Under current legislation, the sale is not recognized the injection to another person, if the drug belongs to the latter. Also not punishable, the acquisition of prohibited substances as a mediator for the money of the customer and at his request.

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