Died star “Santa Barbara”


Susan Braunfotel: Wikipedia

In the United States at the age of 86 years has died the star of “soap operas” Susan brown. On this edition of the Hollywood Reporter told her colleagues on the series “General hospital.”

Russian viewer brown memorable role in the TV series “Santa Barbara” in which she played Janet lane, mother of Victoria lane.

Brown had stopped acting in 2004.

The first series of “Santa Barbara” on NBC was released 30 Jul 1984. Soap Opera went on for almost 10 years — until January 15, 1993. In Russia were not shown all 2137 episodes. The broadcast began on 2 January 1992 with 217 series when at home the show was already over and ended in 2002 on 2040-m episode. The main cast was changed at two to four times.

“Santa Barbara”, despite mediocre ratings in the United States, has won over 20 Emmy teenaged.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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