The Governor of the Moscow region opened a four-story school in Khimki


Photo: press service Andrei Vorobyov / Instagram

Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov took part in the opening ceremony of the new four-storey building of the school №31 in Khimki. This was reported in the Instagram press service of the head region.

Sparrows in the first place congratulated children with the beginning of the school year, including 900 thousand first-graders, and thanked the teachers. “We have 10 schools open September 1 to the end of year 8 will be open. It is the presidential initiative for the elimination of the second shift. We try to keep up, pass the school”, — the press service quoted his words.

For schoolchildren held a “classroom environment” where they told about the system of separate waste collection. Such classes will be compulsory in the suburbs.

At the celebration were also made by the pupils of the Centre gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova. “The Governor makes a breakthrough in education, in sports, in culture. In Khimki has all the conditions for rest, exercise. There is fencing, volleyball, wrestling, Boxing, gymnastics, English school, kindergartens. Everything says the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, is embodied in this city,” — said the honored coach of Russia.

The new building of school No. 31 in Khimki-equipped teaching rooms, media library, library, computer classes. Here is halls for sports games, gymnastics, dance, auditorium. On school grounds include a football field with artificial turf. Also a dedicated area for experimental activities of students through natural science education is provided and accessible environment for students with disabilities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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