There was a record of negotiations of crew of the victim in Sochi liner with dispatchers


RIA Novosti: Max Vetrov

In the Internet appeared the record of negotiations of crew of the Boeing 737 airline Utair, was out beyond the strip at the airport of Sochi, with dispatchers. Some fragments of record published “the News” on Saturday, September 1.

After the start of lowering the dispatcher provides the pilot to go to the second round. “Let’s try this again by zero-sixth [the band] to go,” says the pilot, again clarifying the suitability of weather for planting. “The weather conditions are suitable,” answered the Manager.

After the incident, the pilot reported to dispatchers about the fire on Board the aircraft.

A Boeing 737 flying from Moscow, rolled into the river channel after landing at the airport of Sochi (next to the Mzymta flows — approx. “Of the”). The liner collapsed landing gear and wing caught fire on the left engine. The plane was carrying 164 passengers and 6 crew members.

It has affected 18 people. One of the airport staff who had assisted during the evacuation, died of a heart attack.

Rostransnadzor will hold an unscheduled inspection of the airline, the airport of Sochi and dispatching services.

The interlocutor of “Interfax” reported that the cause of PE could be adverse weather conditions. At the airport there was a downpour.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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