U.S. accused of training militants to capture Palmyra


Photo: Aboud Hamam / Reuters

Instructors from the United States engaged in training militants who were to carry out attacks in the Syrian Palmyra. On Saturday, September 1, RIA Novosti reported citing the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties (included in Ministry of defense) on the territory of Syria.

According to the center on Saturday at about 5 a.m. 36 miles from Palmyra there was a clash between Syrian government forces and sabotage-terrorist group of militants who tried to break out of the area of the settlement of al-TANF. “As a result of clashes two terrorists killed, two taken prisoner and give evidences”, — noted in the centre.

It is established that the jihadists had planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in the Palmyra district and to provide a passage of about 300 fighters for the capture of the city in the coming weeks.

As noted, the militants said was part of a gang of “Eastern lions”, with about 500 members. “Their training camp is near the village of Et-TANF near a us military base,” — said in the center. They also added that “the captured terrorist said that to commit the action in the preparation of their group had participated and American instructors as well as with the American base to supply weapons and ammunition”.

In Et Tape is one of the U.S. military bases, illegally deployed in April 2017 under the pretext of fighting with terrorists. Earlier it was reported that there are trained units of the armed Syrian opposition. May 13 The Washington Post, citing its own sources in the White house wrote that the United States feared the capture of the military base of the Iranian military or its supporters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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