The match the Soviet players with the Germans in the war, immortalized the Messi


A monument in Itselfto:

In the village of Vityazevo in Krasnodar the monument to Soviet players, who beat the Germans during the great Patriotic war, put the photo of the attacker “Barcelona” Lionel Messi. The picture appeared in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to the publication, the funds for the monument were collected by the relatives of the players and residents of Vityazevo. That next to the list of Soviet players is the image of Messi with the ball of the Champions League, were revealed only at the opening of the memorial.

“A leaf with the text of the draft was the sponsor. He decided that this is the “fair copy,” did not grasp. Came to the factory of the monument. He also approached formally, not really thinking about the fact it says. We do not absolve ourselves of responsibility, which is not checked before opening, so I had to redo everything” — said one of the initiators of the monument Alexis Alexandridis.

The Soviet players in 1943, participated in the match against the Germans in the occupied territory. The memorial tells the story of this event: “the German command announced that if you win, you will be shot. The first half was won by team Germany with the score 3:1. During the break, the team captain Alexander Konstantin Afanasievich said, “Guys, we still shoot, we’ll play to the bitter””. In the end, the Soviet players won with the score 5:4, scoring goals in the last minute, and the order to shoot was never given.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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