Face rapper declared himself the enemy of the state and compared Russia with the area


Ivan Greenfoot: Okras / Wikimedia

Russian hip-hop by Ivan Dremin, better known as Face, released the album “Ways are inscrutable”, which criticized the corruption of the Russian Orthodox Church and the bureaucracy.

The release includes eight tracks. In the song “Mentality” the rapper declares himself an enemy of the state and declares that “our mentality from paycheck to paycheck”, and that “our favorite smell — the dampness.”

“I am an enemy of the state, my language — it’s true.”

In the song “the Fourth horseman” Face claims that his country is “one big area”. In the track “the edge” he States that “all these churches are more bread in the store; those who serve there, carrying hookers in limos.”

The album “Ways are inscrutable” appeared in the public rapper in “Vkontakte” on the evening of 2 September. The day before Face published a video on YouTube, which shaves off her hair, dons a Balaclava, and takes up the gun.

NO NAME / YouTube

Face hails from Ufa. He is the author of such tracks as “gosh Rubchinskiy”, “Burger” and “I drop the West”. In February, he advised all young people to leave Russia, “while the iron curtain has been thrown up again.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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