Found traces of it existed before the pyramids of an ancient civilization


Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Egyptian and French archaeologists have discovered the ruins of an ancient Egyptian village in the Nile Delta. The age of the settlement reaches about seven thousand years, making it older than the pyramids of Giza in 2,500 years. This publication reports Science Alert.

The archaeological site is tell El-Samara (Tell el-Samara) to 140 kilometers North of Cairo. The researchers found the storage bins, in which were preserved the remains of plants and bones of animals and earthenware vessels and stone tools. According to scientists, the discovery will allow you to learn more about the prehistoric society since the late Neolithic period that occurred thousands of years before the first king of Egypt Menes founded the first dynasty of the pharaohs and unite the warring kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Researchers believe that the villagers practiced agriculture, but at the same time heavily dependent on rain. Further studies of the settlement will help to learn how to develop a system of irrigated agriculture that was practiced in the Nile Delta for thousands of years.

In August, archaeologists from the University of York in the UK found that the ancient Egyptians invented mummification long before the reign of the pharaohs. The age of the first mummies reaches 5500-5700 years.

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