In Asia will be one English-speaking country more


Wang Hongying / HKFP

In Asia you will see another English speaking country. Taiwan will make English official in 2019. This was stated by Prime Minister of the Republic of China on Taiwan William Lai, Hong Kong says FP.

According to him, innovation should improve the level of English proficiency among the Taiwanese and help them find opportunities to work abroad. The programme envisages the creation of bilingual schools throughout the country, where English will be taught from the first grade.

The initiative will make Taiwan a multilingual country, said Lai. As the newspaper notes, on the island also speak Chinese (83.5 per cent of the population speak it at home), Taiwanese (81.9%), Hakka dialect (6.6 percent), and other Austronesian languages.

In 2017 in Taiwan was adopted the law on the development of local languages, according to which aboriginal languages are considered official.

Taiwan is de facto a separate state, de jure one of the provinces of the people’s Republic of China. The separation occurred in 1949, when, after the end of the civil war on the mainland, the Communists established people’s Republic of China with its capital in Beijing, and the losers the people of the KMT fled to the island, where they founded the Republic of China on Taiwan. Taipei does not recognize “the principle of a unified and undivided China” and claims independence from China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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