Lived for a week at the airport saved the Asian noodles and tuna


Photo: Lee Chi Lin

Asian spent a week at the airport in Perth (Australia) with no money, eating tuna and noodle bags. About it reports Fox News.

24-the summer inhabitant of Taiwan’s Lee Chi Ling came to Australia on a work visa in July. However, the man failed to find work, and he ran out of money. As it pre-bought return ticket on the 5th of October and not be able to change the date of departure, Lin decided to stay this time at the airport.

According to him, he originally planned to settle in the Park, but it was too cold. In the end, Lin seven days did not wash, not slept properly and ate only bread, noodles and tuna.

Police officers patrolling the airport, I noticed an Asian and passed it to the border service of Australia. 24 hours later he managed to arrange flights home.

“He was very timid and greatly thanked us because we helped him”, — said the employee of the airport for Katherine wicks.

In December 2017, it turned out that the German citizen six months spent at the airport of the Mexican city of Cancun after she was robbed. 72-year-old Ingrid arrived in Mexico on 16 June, to patent a book of her own. However, immediately on arrival unknown stole all the things the older women, after which she was forced to live in the airport terminal and eat scraps.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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