On Yamal found a spelling mistake on the monument


Photo: “Overheard on the Yamal Peninsula” / “Vkontakte”

In the city of Labytnangi on Yamal, a monument “Granite of science” misspelled. The discrepancy between the norms of the Russian language drew the attention of the group in “Vkontakte” “Labytnangi Info”.

The authors of the sculptures quoted aphorism Eugene Hankin “Field of knowledge in a hurry will not plow”, but the soft sign at the end of the verb is not set. Internet users began to offer their own versions of why a mistake was made. Some felt that the soft sign was absent deliberately, as under the entry was a picture of a smiley face. This version was confirmed to journalists of the edition “Noyabrsk 24”.

Other members of the public mocked the mistake of the authors of the sculptures. “It is necessary formulas have to check for sure, find not one mistake,” wrote Lia Li under recording. Later in the comments there was a picture of the same monument in the city of Abakan, where the aphorism was written correctly.

The monument in the city of Abakan

After the message to students has become a cause for ridicule in social networks, the error was corrected. Some commentators lamented the irreparable damage to the education of children, which was caused by the mistake in the quote: “this is how kids will walk past and read, and in the subconscious of the word “spaces” will remain without the soft sign, a smiley face will not help.”

Monument “Granite of science” is set in one of the squares of the city near a professional school. In addition to the messages to students, on the stone engraved with geometric formulas.

In October 2017, it was reported about a bug in the monument to the primer in the Stavropol region. The authors of the sculpture written on the label a statement of the Roman writer Petronius Arbiter: “What ever you learn, you learn for yourself”. In the quote instead of the particle “or” put “not”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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