Russia refused to supply oil to Belarus


Photo: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

The export of Russian oil products on the territory of Belarus is inappropriate. This statement was made by Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak, his words leads TASS. According to the Russian Minister, Belarus provides itself with own oil it gets from Russian oil.

“In General, provided indicative balance of zero the numbers on oil supplies from Russia to Belarus, because Belarus is completely self-sufficient by processing Russian oil own oil. In this regard, the economic feasibility to supply Russian oil products Belarus is not,” says Novak.

He acknowledged that some of the oil in 2018, Russia to Belarus was really set, however, to clarify the amount and what kind of petroleum products, the Minister could not. The Minister also announced the establishment of limits for supplies for next year, currently the parties are negotiating, the Minister said.

In may it was reported that Belarus is dissatisfied with the prices for Russian gas. Minsk wants to buy fuel cheaper than now, already in 2019. This oil claims of the countries to each other was not. Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko argued that these issues have been resolved.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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