Russia will create a landing tiltrotor


Archived fotofoto: US Marine Corps / ZumaPress /

Russian airborne troops are preparing technical specification for the creation of amphibious tiltrotor (hybrid of plane and helicopter), told RIA Novosti source in the defense industry.

“Airborne are considering the possibility of applying convertiplane for the delivery of paratroopers on the battlefield. Until the end of September it is planned to open terms of reference and experimental design work on this car,” said the source.

According to military expert Alexei Leonova, the Russian army can get the tiltrotor by 2023 under the current state armaments program.

“To create a flight model of such a machine should take three to five years, after which the tiltrotor will be a series of tests and will be adopted. In the most optimistic scenario we will see this unique character in our army five years, in the pessimistic — ten, that is, within the current state armaments programme 2018-2027,” — said the expert.

The expert noted that currently airborne required a unique character, which complements and extends the capabilities of traditional helicopter, in particular on the range and speed of flight. Also, the car can be interested in special operations forces.

In August, the rector of Kazan national research technical University albert Gilmutdinov stated that the tiltrotor weight 6.7 kg, developed in Tatarstan by the order of the Ministry of defense, has been successfully tested.

Currently, USA is commercially available manned tiltrotor Bell V-22 Osprey flight weight of 27.4 tons, capable of speeds up to 509 kilometers per hour in airplane mode. Since 1988, produced over 300 of these machines cost about $ 70 million each.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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