Student secretly spent all the money to the mother of a disabled on-line game


Screenshot: game Fortnite

A resident of the UK Dakkett Cleo (Cleo Duckett) has complained that remained without money because her son blew it all on an online game. According to the publication Wales Online, the child is not aware that the money is real.

Cleo Dakkett from the city Bridgend, Wales, said her 10-year-old son, Jayden Lee (Jayden-Lee) has spent in the game Fortnite 1193 pound (about 104,4 thousand) with her credit card. 46-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair because of polio, admitted that now can not buy food or pay for utilities, as it remained eight pounds (about 700 rubles). She found out when he tried to withdraw money from an ATM. Later she received a message from the Bank about the overdraft in the amount of 245 pounds (about 21.4 thousand rubles).

“My son burst into tears and confessed everything. He used a map behind me, entered the data into your account on the Xbox and bought things in Fortnite: 50 £ 60 on the CE, and that’s without VAT”, — she told.

The British appealed for help to the Bank, but they said that it is obliged to pay the overdraft without any concessions. “The Bank refused to help me. They said my son is my responsibility, and I have to answer for his actions. But I’m not a criminal, I didn’t steal the money, and I spent it on games! I am a client of this Bank for over 20 years, and they refuse to meet!” — outraged Dakkett. Now it needs to return the money to the developers of the game, but hopes for success.

In the end, the woman withdrew some money from the savings account of the son to pay the first installment for the interest on the overspend and buy products. She plans to Deposit some amount of money as soon as I receive a monthly disability allowance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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