The jailers gave investigators 42 videos of abuse of prisoners


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) gave the investigating authorities 42 material on cases of abuse of authority by employees of the colonies, of human dignity. In an interview with TASS said the Deputy head of the prison service, Lieutenant General of internal service Valery Maksimenko Monday, September 3.

According to him, after the scandal with the beating of a prisoner in the Yaroslavl prison was instructed to check the facts of the use of force and special means in all territorial bodies for the year.

“In Moscow from the territorial bodies received answers that revealed no violations. We decided to double-check. In those territorial authorities, for which we had information that they could violate the rights of prisoners, was forwarded to the Commission. In 42 cases the violations were confirmed, were identified videos, and other materials that testified to the fact that our employees behave at least improperly,” — said Maksimenko.

He pointed out that 42 of the material “in cases of misconduct employees where they exceed their powers or violate the dignity of prisoners” collected over the last two weeks and transferred to investigating authorities.

Maksimenko said that everyone who appeared in Yaroslavl video will be dismissed as those captured in other records that have been identified.

On August 10 it became known that participating in the beating of a prisoner Evgeny Makarov staff of the Yaroslavl correctional colony No. 1 testified against his superiors. According to them, instructions to carry out “educational work” with the convict they received from the then acting head of IK-1 by Dmitry Nikolaev. To confirm the fulfilment of his instructions captors made a video of torture, the publication of which caused a subsequent scandal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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