The Russians built machines portrait shufutinski


Frame: Bob Blackburn / YouTube

Residents of the Voronezh on one of the city parks has crafted a portrait of Mikhail Shufutinsky of the machines, reported on the public “MDPS.Voronezh: Reloaded” in “Vkontakte”.

Participation in the event was attended by approximately 80 cars.

“So once again Michael turned the calendar again and looks at us the same date is September 3,” wrote the organizers. — And let the first Monday of autumn, you will remain in my soul September 2. When it was good, was Sunny and warm outside and in the soul.”

In September 2017 pop singer Michael Shufutinsky has told reporters that immediately fell in love with the song “Third of September” and for 25 years since the release of the composition takes it at almost every concert. Lyrics to the song were written by Igor Nikolaev and the music — Igor Krutoy.

Every year on 3 September, the social network updated with new batch of jokes based on quotes from the hit anybody, especially on the burning ashes and the turning of the calendar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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