The seller stuck a fish eye and paid



In Kuwait closed fish store for fraud. As reported by the Twitter account of the newspaper Al Bayan, the seller glued plastic eyes on the fish to make them seem fresh.

According to the newspaper Al-Arabiya, the fraud was discovered when the customer started to wash the fish, and glued the eyes fell off. She shared the pictures in social networks, where they gained viral popularity. They drew the attention of the Ministry of Commerce, its representatives contacted the woman and then closed fish store.

Reportedly, the seller knew that buyers determine the freshness of fish by the color of their eyes, and hid a yellowed iris under the sticker.

Twitter users from around the world laughed at the hapless salesman and called the method unconvincing. Canadian nick and Elodie Mainze added that “this is a very poor sales method, but exceedingly funny” and expressed doubt that the buyers could not see.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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