Women in Malaysia have been beaten with sticks for having sex in the car


Photo: Reuters

Two women beaten with sticks for trying to have sex in the Malaysian state of Terengganu, in the North of the country. This is the first punishment for such an act, writes The Guardian.

22-year-old and 32-year-old women was caught trying to have sex in the car in April. A Sharia court in August sentenced to six lashes and a fine of 3.3 million Malaysian ringgit (approximately $ 800) after they pleaded guilty in a sexual affair. The punishment was executed on 3 September in court in the presence of 100 people.

According to Malaysian law, States can enact laws based on Sharia law.

As human rights activists, this is the first time punish women for trying to have sex: earlier they were beaten with sticks for other offenses, including adultery. They believe that the incident sets a dangerous precedent. “The punishment is shocking, said a local activist Thilaga Solatire. — This case shows a regression in human rights. And not just for the LGBT community, but for the rest, because corporal punishment is the concern of all”.

In the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch also condemned the verdict. It was called last at the moment a blow to the LGBT people in Malaysia who were hoping for improvement and greater protection under the new government, which came to power in may. Punishment only stirs a wave of homophobia and transphobia in the country, noted in the organization.

Earlier, in the beginning of July, in the Indonesian province of Aceh women accused of prostitution were publicly beaten with sticks. It did, despite the prohibition to carry out such activities outside prisons.

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