A tourist fell off an inflatable banana in Egypt and died


Photo: Amr Dalsh / Reuters

A tourist from the UK Janice Bowles vacationing in Hurghada, Egypt, died after falling into the water with an inflatable banana. This reports the Metro.

58-year-old tourist was riding on a water ride with his daughter. When the banana overturned, boles stuck under it for a few minutes and lost consciousness.

“I heard her [Janice Bowles] daughter cried when I realized that with mom, something happened. The woman raised out of the water and tried to make artificial heart massage, but she wasn’t breathing. I screamed “open the Airways”, but they pushed me away,” shared one of the tourists, who was also on the banana.

Earlier on 22 August, a British tourist Richard Capelo went missing in Portugal after falling into the water with an inflatable banana. The incident occurred not far from the Algarve in the South of Portugal. According to the head of a local group of volunteers Mario Batista, only water ride was ten Britons. When the banana upside down, one fallen into the water tourists disappeared.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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