Advising women about underwear the priest punished


Archpriest Vladimirek: golovinBolgar / YouTube

Archpriest Vladimir Golovin from Tatarstan do in the service for three months for “prayer in agreement” and obscene sermon. The corresponding decree issued by the Bishop of Chistopol and Nizhnekamsk Parmen, the document is published on the website of the diocese.

The Archpriest was forbidden to perform any religious rites, to wear a cassock and pectoral cross. After three months, he must report to the Diocesan administration resolved the question of his further service. “In the case of persistent impenitence” may be questioned Golovin about the deprivation of Holy orders, is stated in the decree. In late August, the diocese asked the priest to stop preaching, and remove their pages in social networks and Youtube channel. However, the priest ignored the order and continued working, “introducing temptation into the life of the Church,” says the decree.

In late August, the Chistopol eparchy condemned the activities of Archpriest. In the ROC said that there were so-called movement of “Catholic prayers by agreement with Bulgaria”, which urged the faithful in a special miraculous power of prayer, which Golovin performs at the city of Bolgar. The priest promised strengthening of prayer “surcharge” and introduced the practice of “spiritual healing”, which was placed in the hands of people dressed in special clothes, and the clergy anointed them with oil. “There is reason to believe that the promotion of the “prayer by agreement with Bulgaria” is a complex financial initiative, which is closed to members of the family of Archpriest Vladimir Golovin and his closest followers,” — said in a statement the diocese.

The ROC noted that the sermon Golovin ignorant and are contrary to Orthodox teaching, “contain statements that borders on blasphemy and mockery of Christ.” Golovin “enthusiastically” told believers sang the official anthem “during intimacy with his wife”. He advised women to watch “dirty movies” with their husbands and publicly advised the ladies “about choosing a style of underwear”. In an interview with the young priest encouraged the audience to imagine “a physiological departure,” and for girls to imagine doing this for men. Finally, as explained in the diocese, Golovin insulted the memory of the deceased in Syria major Roman Filipov and the pilot of the great Patriotic war of Nikolay Gastello, dubbed the death look like a suicide and lack of faith in the Providence of God.

Golovin also recommended to disassemble the tomb, arranged for him in one of the skits, “in order to avoid the creation of a cult of veneration of the individual.” The priest had to go to “the secular library,” and ask them to destroy the books he gave them, as inconsistent with Holy Scripture.

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