American lost twice on fast food


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American Anthony brown (Anthony Brown) told how he lost 88 pounds over two years, while continuing to eat junk food. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

A resident of riverside, California, admitted that he began to lose weight after the scales showed 170 pounds and broke. Then 34-year-old programmer went on a diet of oatmeal, chicken breast and vegetables. However, a month later, he realized that soon will break, and decided to go for fast food, but limit yourself to two thousand calories a day and to include in the diet rich in protein food.

“Some people need two thousand calories to maintain your normal weight, but I weighed so much he was losing on this diet a kilo in a week”, — he explained his success. To diet brown ate for Breakfast three burgers and two hashbrown, snacking several packs of chips and sweets and drink is nine-ten banks of soda and ate a hamburger with fries and dinner was a large pizza.

A little later, brown began to train in the gym five times a week, so he doesn’t limp excess skin. At the same time he was spending on the exercise is no more than an hour a day. The American admitted that got rid of the back pain, and he had energy and confidence. He added that he was most glad that my friends stopped calling him the hated nickname “big guy.”

Now he helps other people with excess weight using his method. Brown admitted that he sometimes eats for dinner is a very caloric food, but for the entire day before, only drinking a Cup of coffee. Usually for Breakfast he eats Greek yogurt with oatmeal, during the day drink a protein shake and water lunch roll with ham and cheese, two dinner rolls and two slices of pizza, and for dessert eating ice cream with protein.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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