American prisoners beaten to death dog volunteer


Photo: Josephs Legacy page in Facebook

In the U.S. state of Ohio prisoners killed the dog-a volunteer from the shelter Josephs Legacy, reports the New York Post.

As writes the edition, four year old Evie, a cross between a German shepherd and Norwegian grey Elkhound, was found dead in a prison where she was given to the care of prisoners in the framework of the charity program. Examination showed that the dog died of blunt force trauma to the belly, which she had hemorrhaging in the liver and damaged kidneys.

According to the representative of the shelter, informed of such incidents occurred. They also reported that two prisoners were sent to solitary confinement after the incident, however said that the perpetrators have not yet found.

After the death of Evie Josephs Legacy took out of prison all the dogs.

The volunteer program, in which the shelters provide prisons of animals are common in the United States. Prisoners engaged in training dogs, then they go in the house to the new owners. Evie came to the shelter in 2015, with a broken thigh after she was hit by a car. Then took her from the shelter, but was soon brought back, so she underwent a course of training. After undergoing training with the prisoners she was supposed to return to a new home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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