Appeared the details of the death of the model on the yacht of a billionaire


Photo: @sineadmcnamara

Family Australian blogger and model Sinead McNamara (Sinead McNamara) were not allowed in the morgue, where he conducted the autopsy of her body. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

The pathologist who carried out the procedure of opening, told reporters that the girl’s body, who died on the boat so disfigured that relatives should not see her “in such a terrible state”.

According to preliminary data, McNamara died from suffocation after becoming entangled in the ship’s ropes. However, to determine the cause of death is necessary to conduct studies that will take several months. It is planned that the model’s body will be sent home within five days after the death.

Model and Instagram-blogger was a member of the crew since may of this year. A colleague found her on the 31st of August, about two o’clock in the aft. According to him, when it happened, working shift girl was already completed. The ship’s doctor tried to give her first aid. According to the captain, at first it seemed that the girl returns to life, but later her condition worsened.

20-year-old McNamara was found on the yacht of a Mexican billionaire Alberto Boilers (Alberto Bailleres) in critical condition. The incident occurred in the Parking lot on one of the Greek Islands. The girl died on the way to the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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