Aussie messed up a cigarette with a firecracker and had a blast


Photo: Sonali Paul / Reuters

The Aussie who has arranged explosion at a nightclub, said that he had mixed up a cigarette with a firecracker. This was reported by the newspaper The Observer.

In mid-August, near the night club in Gladstone, Queensland in the West explosion. The police quickly found and arrested the suspect. They found 30-year-old Dale Douglas Simpson (Dale Douglas Simpson). Recordings from the surveillance cameras showed that he fell off the balcony petard.

He was charged with possession of explosives and improper behavior in a place where they sell alcohol. However, at the trial in the Magistrates court Gladstone Simpson said that was not going to make a blast. He said that he went to the balcony to smoke. Then reached into his pocket accidentally pulled out a firecracker instead of a cigarette and, without looking, set it on fire. The Aussie realized what is happening, then threw her away. “This is a natural reaction,” said his lawyer Jun Pepito (Pepito Jun).

However, Prosecutor Joel the Slip (Sleep Joel) said that before meeting with counsel, Simpson denied any involvement in the incident and only then turned to the testimony of history about cigarettes. According to him, the firecracker almost fell on the two women that took place under the balcony.

The lawyer asked the judge to abstain from a guilty verdict, as his client had planned to go to the UK to work. The judge noted that he considered the story far-fetched the cigarette, but decided not to record a conviction, to do warning and a fine of 400 Australian dollars (about 19.7 thousand).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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