Called dangerous health food in holidays


Photo: Dominic Ebenbichler / Reuters

Australian expert on healthy eating Anna Unit spoke about the eight foods that can not be consumed in travel. This writes the

It is advised not to drink water from the tap and add to the drink the ice is in developing countries, e.g. Thailand. “The water in these countries may be infected with viruses and bacteria, the use of which leads to diarrhea, cramping and upset stomach,” explained Block.

The expert also talked about the fact that it is not necessary to eat fresh lettuce leaves (e.g., spinach and iceberg) in Bali, as they could wash with water from the tap.

In addition, the expert recommended not to use imported food in Europe. “Seafood in the cities that are located far from the coast can be risky. Better to try the local cuisine,” said Block.

In addition, a nutritionist asserts that it is not necessary there is a local cheese in the area of the mountain system of the Andes. “Traveling in the Andes, I really wanted to try their local cheese. However, I knew that it is made using local water, which can cause problems with stomach,” she added.

Earlier in July, the airline of Hong Kong shared little-known facts about served on Board food. The General Manager service delivery Kris Britt said that the meals on Board more recent than I think many passengers, and much high-calorie than conventional food.

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