Cords allowed the sale of weapons and drugs, Russians on one condition


Sergey Sorbetto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov said that would allow the free sale of weapons and drugs, and also would have legalized prostitution, but only after the country will have a “total mass, compulsory education.” He stated this in an interview with the municipal Deputy of Moscow’s Basmanny district Luce Stein, published on its YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 4.

“People need to awaken, to have a kind of conscious life. The information is irrelevant”, he said.

The musician added that today the country has such a level of conscious life among Russians unattainable, and therefore about any legalization of the question. “80 percent [of citizens] live like cogs, and never will be different… so I’m against allowing drug against allowing prostitution and I am against weapons permit,” — said Cords. The musician confessed that he had buried many of their friends who ruined drugs.

Earlier in September, the group “Leningrad” has released a music video for the song “a Terrible revenge”, dedicated to the film “Gogol. A terrible revenge”. In the song the Cords called to make him something instead of a century and to call it Wii.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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