Designer “Angara” teased the Mask


Photo: SpaceX

The development of Elon musk in the field of reusable rockets are based on unrealized Soviet technology, RIA Novosti reported the statement of the Russian chief designer of launch vehicles, Deputy General Director of TsNIIMash Alexander Medvedev.

“Can’t have any patience and have a little pajaziti. These rocket-dynamic, parachute scheme is, in fact, were born in our country, and then Americans are all successfully implemented. That implemented the Mask, it was many decades ago, considered and proposed by our Russian scientists, engineers and designers,” said the official at a scientific conference in Moscow.

In August Medvedev in the journal TsNIIMash on “Space and rocket engineering” predicted increase in the cost of heavy rocket “proton-M” 2.5. Thus the price of “proton-M” and “Angara-A5” will be equal.

PhD thesis Medvedev defended in 1999, was “Methodology of creating a unified series of carrier rockets”. This concept formed the basis of creating a family of rockets “Angara”. A large part of the employment activities of officials associated with the “Center Khrunichev”, which Medvedev has held a number of senior positions.

Currently, the start-up of heavy rocket “Angara” is estimated at 90-100 million dollars. Missiles of the same family, created since 1995, the “Center Khrunichev”, was run only twice (in 2014). General designer of “Angara” Yuri bahvalov in 2015, was dismissed from the “Center Khrunichev”. One of the reasons the resignation is called “objection of the principal designer with the program of reforming the space center”.

The heavy launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 is estimated at 50-60 million dollars. The eponymous collection (lightweight version of the Falcon 1) was created in 2002. Final modification of the vehicle (Falcon 9 Block 5) flew in 2018. Just launched 60 units of Falcon 9, of which 58 were successful. The first stage of the rocket after landing permit multiple use.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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