Former owner “the Lame horse” on parole and decided to get back to business


Anatoly Zakpota: Igor Kataev / RIA Novosti

The Perm businessman, 45-year-old former owner of the club “Lame horse” Anatoly Zak was released from penal colony No. 11 (IK-11) in Chelyabinsk; he was released under the new law after the recalculation period. On Tuesday, September 4, a source in the regional administration of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) said “URA.RU”.

Zack was kept in detention from 5 December 2009 until the trial in April 2013. This period was counted from the calculation day in the detention center — a day and a half in prison.

“Zach is released and immediately flew to Moscow. Before leaving, he told us a little about your plans. First of all, he will go to Israel to receive medical treatment. And then will come back home and again engaged in business. He wants to earn as big money spent over the years on lawyers,” — said the source.

November 8, 2016, it was reported that a court in the Republic of Karelia refused to Zack on conditional release (PAROLE). Zach, who was sentenced in April 2013 to 9 years 10 months in prison, had the right to petition for PAROLE after serving two thirds of sentence.

The fire in “the Lame horse” in which 156 people died, occurred on 5 December 2009. In the Perm club staged a fireworks show, which ignited the foam ceiling. Visitors are unable to leave the burning room, as it was not equipped with an escape route.

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