Identify important condition for a successful holiday


Photo: Reuters

System online hotel booking determined the degree of influence of the clothing of a traveler on his impressions of the whole trip. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru” on Tuesday, September 4.

The study involved 21,5 thousands of respondents from 29 countries. According to the results, 48 percent of respondents believe that during a trip it is important to look attractive. They also found that 38 percent of the trip feeling more confident than at home. They take beautiful things, that at any moment could take a picture.

In addition, if the traveler takes with him the clothes he believe rather comfortable than stylish, something uncomfortable. These were almost a quarter of respondents — 24 percent.

To the question “how do you feel in the clothes took on a trip?” respondents most often answered “comfortable” (60%), “relaxed” (50 percent) and “free” (43%). notes that the style that people choose during the trip, stays with them and return home. Almost half of respondents (47 percent) admitted that after the trip they wanted to change their casual style.

69 percent of the tourists while choosing clothes consult with your friends, a 60 — family members, 44 percent listen to the experts on television, and 37 percent — I repeat for the fashionable individuals.

In July, the American stylists picked dresses, flattering each of the seven types of female figures. For example, the girls with the figure of the “pear” was advised to emphasize the slender waist, giving preference to the free dresses-shirts with a belt.

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