Kate Middleton has proved more attractive than Megan Markle


Kate MiddleName: Eddie Mulholland / AP

Annual report orders online retailer eBay revealed that Kate Middleton has a greater impact on consumer demand than Meghan Markle. This reports the Metro.

The names of the designers who sewed clothes for the wife of Prince William, were driven in the search engine of the website most of those who made outfits for the Duchess of Sussex.

Moreover, when the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince Louis, costumes for expectant mothers as Middleton requested more often than the clothes of any other member of the Royal family in the past year. The most popular use slim coat to the knee.

Meghan Markle took second place for “influence”. After the wedding with Prince Harry, during which she was wearing a dress of Givenchy, the frequency of queries with the name of this brand has increased by 60 percent, reaching 55 requests per hour. The same thing happened with finding dresses Stella Mccartney, which Markle wore to the evening reception on the same day. The number of queries with the name Stella McCartney doubled.

On the third place in popularity was the outfits daughter Kate Millton three year old Princess Charlotte.

In August, the outfit Megan Markle entered the top ten things of the year. The sales leader has become a classic sheath dress ecru with semi-transparent sleeves of the British brand Goat, which Markle for the first time appeared in public after her wedding with Prince Harry. Outfit, the cost of which amounted to more than $ 700, completely sold out in the online store of the brand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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