Monica Lewinsky took offense to a reporter’s question and walked away from that interview


Monica Lewinsky Photos: Dennis Van Tine /

Monica Lewinsky, famous for a sex scandal with former U.S. President bill Clinton, left the interview after question about it. According to CBS News, Lewinsky got up and left right after Israeli journalist Jonica levy (Yonit Levi).

The reporter asked the women whether it expects an apology from Clinton for the consequences of the scandal with which it is associated for 20 years. She said: “I’m sorry, I can’t do it.” After his replica Lewinsky put the microphone and left.

Later in his Twitter she gave Levi a “flagrant disregard for the agreement.” It turned out that the day before Levi had met with Lewinsky to discuss the details of the interview. Then the reporter asked her the same question, but the woman refused to answer it.

Lewinsky said that left because women are now the most important thing to stand up for yourself and not allow anyone to control their words. She also apologized for the fact that her performance had to end this way.

Levi himself believes that he has not broken any agreements. In his opinion, the question does not in any way affect the dignity Lewinsky.

In June 2018 bill Clinton said in an interview with NBC News that he sees no need to bring personal apology to Lewinsky. He thinks enough their public statements.

The scandal involving Lewinsky and bill Clinton occurred in the mid-1990s, when she interned in the White house. The head of state denied her sexual relationship with her, but later confessed to the fact of intimate relations, and was convicted of perjury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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