Russia has accused Google of meddling in elections


Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

Roskomnadzor has sent a warning letter to Google on the inadmissibility of intervention in the electoral process in Russia. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

In the letter we are talking about YouTube, which, according to the Agency, published spots encouraging viewers to a violation of applicable law.

In addition, a letter indicating the distribution of calls to participate in political actions, was sent to the American company on behalf of the CEC, said CEC member Alexander Klyukin.

Never a message, Google has not responded, explained in Roskomnadzor. “We believe that the lack on their part to reaction will be, in fact, a direct interference in the internal Affairs of Russia”, — said Subbotin.

The Deputy chief of Department on supervision of execution of laws on Federal security of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexei Jafarov, in turn, added that from his office, steps have been taken — against Google was issued a warning about the inadmissibility of violations of the electoral legislation.

Single voting day in Russia will take place on 9 September. This day will be elected the heads of regions, municipalities, and the election of deputies of parliaments of different levels, including the state Duma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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