The American will go on trial for Ghost hunting


Photo: Mike Segar / Reuters

A man from Connecticut told the police that he was “investigator of supernatural cases,” when they came to his house for an emergency call, reports the New York Post. He was charged under several articles.

Police found in the wall of his apartment there were two bullet holes. First, 22-year-old Kristen DeVoe (Christain Devaux) explained to police that he shot in self-defense against illegal entry. But investigators found no signs of forced entry. During the interrogation, the shooter admitted that the intruder, in his opinion, “actually was a Ghost” and said he has spent many years exploring the paranormal.

Now Americans have to answer for their actions before the court. He is accused of illegal firing of a firearm, perjury, police, criminal negligence and violation of public order. In addition, virgin has broken the law, having made a false call.

The Journal Inquirer reports that in 2011, the youth had already called the police, allegedly seeing a Ghost in his house — at that time police also discovered no one.

Ghostbusters was released on bail of five thousand dollars. It is expected that on September 11th he will appear before the court.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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