The grandson found the secret message in the bottle from the suffering of his grandfather


Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / DPA /

In Germany, working found written 88 years ago, the message in the bottle. According to the news portal The Local, one of the authors of the letter was his grandfather.

In 1930, the roofers who worked in the Cathedral of Goslar in lower Saxony, decided to leave to posterity an instructive message. 88 years later, the letter was found by the grandson of one of these workers, is also working as a roofer. During the inspection of the roof, he drew attention to the bottle in the attic.

In the letter, typed on the typewriter with a lot of typos, workers complained of the deplorable state of the country after the First world war and high unemployment. “The years of inflation that we are working for a loaf of bread and 500 grams of oil. Our descendants will find the message in the best times,” they wrote.

Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency in Hamburg refuses to consider finding a “message in a bottle”. “Message in a bottle thrown into the water, and it floats downstream. This letter is not thrown into the water,” — said the representative office.

In 2014 the German fisherman caught one of the old messages in the bottle that has ever been discovered. It was a postcard from Denmark, Packed in a beer bottle, dated 17 may 1913.

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