The Russians in Paris stole the suitcases of jewelry for half a million euros


Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Armed robbers robbed a family of Russians suitcases with jewelry worth more than 500 thousand euros. The attack occurred near the Paris airport Le Bourget. It is reported by French publication RTL.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, September 3, when a family of Russian tourists, who arrived on a private plane from nice, was traveling in a taxi from the airport. Suddenly the way was blocked by another car, which ran from armed criminals. They forced the Russians to open the trunk and get three suitcases, purse and mobile phones.

The publication notes that the amount of 500 thousand euros — only a preliminary assessment of General damages, it can be adjusted in the course of the investigation. For more information about the robbed tourists is not specified.

Earlier in March 2017 a group of Russian tourists robbed near Acapulco in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Travelers by car after passing the toll La Venta, stopped in a special place about 15 kilometers from Acapulco. At this point on them from the bushes was attacked by robbers, armed with machetes and rifles. They took the Russians have money, mobile phones and suitcases with things.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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