The Russians with the conviction rushed EN masse into power


Photo: Vadim Bradow / “Kommersant”

Every 50 minutes the candidate announced during registration for the elections of conviction, including the removed and extinguished. On Tuesday, September 4, writes RBC with reference data gas “Elections”.

So, information about criminal records provided almost 1.2 thousand people out of 52.2 thousand applicants. Among the representatives of “United Russia” on the record said 1.5 percent of candidates (about 400 people). Almost every 20-th candidate in the past had problems with the law. Among the candidates from the Communist party and Yabloko conviction is every 30.

Most often it is possible members of the legislature tried for theft (21.7 per cent of all candidates with a criminal record), 9.6 percent reported convictions for assault and intentional infliction of harm. Also, the candidates were put on trial for disorderly conduct, traffic violations and fraud.

Five people were convicted for forgery of election documents, and two of them made for the forthcoming elections. In addition, registered in the Ulyanovsk region the candidates were convicted of hostage-taking.

The law requires applicants to provide data on convictions. This should also be reflected in all election documents — the signature sheets and election ballots. After the maturity of convictions for serious crimes to participate in elections prohibited for 10 years, after particularly serious crimes must undergo 15 years.

In the single voting day September 9, will be elected more than 3.7 thousand members of the regional and municipal levels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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