After the cause of long life


Photo: Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images

Researchers from the Institute of evolutionary biology in Spain has identified differences in the genes that allow people to live longer than other primates. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers analyzed mutations in DNA among different primates, to see which genetic variants give Homo sapiens an advantage — longevity. It is believed that these genes also enable this species to live long enough to acquire a large number of offspring. In addition, researchers have identified statistical relationships between maximum lifespan and other characteristics of the life cycle that contribute to health and survival.

It turned out that only three species exceed the longevity of other species of primates and two species of macaques. These animals have become the standard for comparison of genetic sequences among this group. Scientists have identified 25 variants of DNA that have developed each species separately. It is shown that these genes are associated with the functioning of the cardiovascular system, in particular with wound healing and blood clotting.

According to researchers, there are other genetic factors that determine lifespan. To detect them would require a new study with a large number of species of monkeys.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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