Asking the oligarchs to share the revenues will take a digital economy


Andrew Belousovo: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

Presidential aide Andrei Belousov led non-profit organization “Digital economy” responsible for the interaction of government with business in the implementation of the state program of the same name, reports TASS.

Belousov elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board. In the vote was attended by representatives of the founders of the organization — the largest of companies from different industries, among which Sberbank, Yandex, Rostelecom, Russian technologies, Rosatom. Also it was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, the Minister of communications Konstantin Noskov.

“I am very pleased that for the first time me for the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board elected the business”, — said Belousov. According to him, the Supervisory Board meetings will be held monthly.

Autonomous nonprofit organization “Digital economy” created in 2017 after the government announced the implementation of the state program of the same name.

In early August Belousov proposed to levy additional taxes by 500 billion rubles from the metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical companies receive excess profits due to the depreciation of the ruble. In the future, offer criticized businessmen and Ministry. In the end, the meeting with companies from the “list Belousov” it was decided to involve them in the implementation of infrastructure projects on a voluntary basis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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