Basta commented on the scandal with a concert at the stadium in Rostov


Basil Vakulenko: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Russian hip-hop artist Vasily Vakulenko, known under the name Basta, on his page in Instagram commented on the scandal caused by his upcoming concert at the stadium “Rostov arena”.

Basta noted that the number of stakeholders relevant to the football club “Rostov” and experiencing a personal dislike for him, trying to turn the public against him. According to Vakulenko, his team carefully prepared for the concert and met with experts, assured that the event will not harm the field, “growth Arena”.

The contractor is reminded of the many concerts held in football stadiums in the cities of Russia and Europe. The lawn in the arenas remained unharmed thanks to a special certified coating, said Basta.

“I want to know the names of those players and representatives of the “Rostov”, who claim that my statement may cause damage to impede the activities and development of the football club, but also affect the performance of his players,” wrote Vakulenko.

Earlier, on 5 September about the upcoming concert spoke in Russian Premier League (RPL). In the organization felt that holding the event in the midst of football season is extremely risky, and noted that it is possible to transfer matches “Rostov” at stadium reserve will cause “significant damage to the reputation and economic stability of the club and the whole Premier League”.

The day before “Rostov” made a statement that the match of the eighth round of RPL with “Ufa” may be the last for the “growth Stage.” The club expressed confidence that after the concert Basta, scheduled for September 29, the pitch will be seriously affected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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