China has created the equivalent of the Russian AL-31F


Photo: Kyodo / Reuters

Mass production of the first Chinese fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20 is expected to start in late 2018, told the South China Morning Post military sources.

Hong Kong newspaper noted that delays in the launch of serial production of the aircraft was due to work on his power plant of the WS-15. Sources told the SCMP that most of the difficulties associated with the Assembly, resolved, making it possible to launch serial production of the Chengdu J-20. It is noted that certain remaining comments on the WS-15 will be considered during the Assembly and operation of the Chengdu J-20.

“It is expected that WS-15 is ready for large-scale installation on the J-20 to the end of this year,” said one of the interlocutors of the SCMP.

Another source added that the plane with the new engine could be shown at the end of 2018 at the China international aviation and aerospace exhibition.

In August, the state television channel CCTV (China Central Television) reported that China had intensified training of pilots Chengdu J-20. In April of the same TV channel said that in 2019, will open a fourth production line fighters.

In July, The Drive has counted Chengdu J-20 better than the su-57. In may, The National Interest said that the prospective Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 is distinguished by flexibility, while the advantages of the Chinese aircraft of the same class Chengdu J-20 should include stealth.

First flight of Chengdu J-20 was made in January 2011. Currently, there are nine prototypes and 20 pre-production samples of a fighter. To the Chengdu J-20 took up in February 2018. The prototype of the Chinese fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20 was originally received Russian engines AL-31F, which in the long term it was planned to replace the proprietary WS-15.

In 2011, China acquired 150 AL-31F (used on the su-27 and Shenyang J-11) and 123 engines AL-31ФН (Chengdu J-10). In 2012, Beijing and Moscow signed a contract to supply 140 of AL-31F. The deal is valued at 700 million — one billion dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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