“Chinese SpaceX” has launched three satellites


Photo: www.news.cn

Private Chinese rocket SQX-1Z was first launched, running into suborbital space three CubeSat satellite, reports Xinhua. One of the devices already came down to earth using a parachute, the other two after completing the mission in orbit also needs to land.

The launch was performed 5 September from the Baikonur Jiuquan (Gansu province in Northwest China). Start involves the development of technologies SQX-1Z. The rocket flight lasted more than 460 seconds, the media reached an altitude of 108 kilometers.

Rocket SQX-1Z is supposed to be used to launch small satellites and space tourism. Solid-fuel booster which was developed by i-Space, has a length of 9.5 metres. The diameter of the rocket — 1.4 meters. The maximum flight speed reaches 1.6 kilometers per second, altitude is 175 kilometers.

In April, the i-Space has launched a suborbital rocket Hyperbola-1S.

In may, the Chinese company Lingtai, conducted a test launch of the first in China commercial launch vehicle (series One Space, OS-X). Just a private rocket in China, there are about 60 companies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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