Israel refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital


Photo: Oleg Popov / Reuters

Paraguay moved its Embassy in Israel from Jerusalem back to tel Aviv. This was announced by the Minister for foreign Affairs of Paraguay Luis Alberto Castiglioni, his words are reports Reuters.

“Paraguay wants to contribute to the acceleration of regional diplomatic efforts towards reaching a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the middle East,” said the foreign Minister of Latin American States. According to officials of the Palestinian authority, they had a hand in this decision Asuncion.

In response, Israel recalled its Ambassador for consultations and announced the closure of the Embassy in Paraguay. “Israel took very seriously the unusual decision of Paraguay, which would complicate relations between the two countries”, — reads the statement of the office of the Prime Minister of the Jewish state.

Paraguay moved its Embassy in Israel in Jerusalem in may. “This is a historic day that will strengthen the ties between Paraguay and Israel”, — said the President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes. In response, the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu noted that this is a great day for the friendship between the two countries.

Paraguay decided to move the Embassy to Jerusalem shortly after the relevant decision of the President of the United States Donald trump, which he took in December 2017.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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