Musk has again accused the British diver of pedophilia and hoped for a lawsuit


Elon, MASCOTA: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

American entrepreneur Elon Musk has again accused the British diver is True of Unsworth, participated in the liberation of children from the caves in Thailand, pedophilia and hoped that he will sue him in court. This statement millionaire made in emails to a journalist site BuzzFeed.

“I would advise you to communicate with friends in Thailand, to understand what is really going on and stop defending a rapist of children, you ****** jerk”, — stated in the published screenshot of the correspondence. Musk added that Unsworth is a lonely and old man who flies into the country, often in Pattaya or live there for 30-40 years. Then, according to the businessman, the British moved to Chiang Rai, where he married a 12-year-old girl.

“There’s only one reason people go to Pattaya. This is not a climbing cave, a place in which to come for others, — he explained. Chiang Rai is known for child trafficking for sex”.

At the conclusion of the letter, Musk wrote: “as for the threat of a lawsuit to the court (..) I ***** I hope that he will give.”

As BuzzFeed notes, the letter was sent marked “not for publication”. However, this rule applies only if both parties confirmed that they are not talking on the record.

In July, the American entrepreneur has brought Answerde apologize for calling him a pedophile.

The conflict broke out when Musk bluntly said Unsworth, criticized his plan to rescue the children from the flooded caves in Thailand. The diver said that the idea about the mini-submarine is a PR move and advised to “put this sub somewhere deeper”. In response, the businessman in his Twitter called the opponent a pedophile, said he had not seen him at the scene of the incident, and wyzwolenie children Thai Marines “really cool”. He later deleted his tweet.

Netizens said that he was disappointed in the owner. According to them, to call others pedophiles without reason — is disgusting.

A group of 12 students and their football coach went into the cave after a workout on June 23. First inside was dry but soon it began to rain, and the entrance was flooded. All missing persons found alive ten days after the disappearance. They were sitting in one of the caves four kilometers from the entrance. The rescue operation lasted until 10 July, when brought to the surface past the stuck students and a coach.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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