One third of new apartments in Moscow were “dressed”


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The share of apartments with full or partial finish in under construction houses of Moscow to the fall of 2018 has exceeded 31 percent. A year ago it was 27 percent, according to the materials of the company “Metrium” provided “Home” on Wednesday, September 5.

While in fact ready to move in housing has decreased: 16.3 thousand in August against 17.2 thousand in the last summer month of 2017. “Reducing the number of lots with trim is not due to the failure of the developers of this format, and with high demand from buyers, analysts say. — Developers continue to market new projects which include white box (pre — Prim. “Home”), and finishing. Of the 36 buildings, which sales started in the first half of 2018, to purchase a flat or apartment with this option is possible in 15 projects.”

According to “Metrium”, with decoration “turnkey” in the capital market of new buildings proposed for 10.8 thousand of flats and apartments (21% of total supply). Full finish suggests the presence of floor and wall coverings, plumbing, outlets and switches, heating devices. Depending on the project the set of parameters can vary in a number of premium and elite housing repair “turnkey” includes kitchen with integrated appliances.

Experts also considered the difference in the cost of the “square” with trim and without. In New Moscow the fee for renovation projects, where this option is provided, is about 10-12 thousand rubles per square meter, and in new buildings in the old city limits — 17-20 thousand rubles per square meter.

Earlier it was reported that the cheapest apartment in Moscow costs 2.9 million rubles — this is a Studio with an area of 24 square meters in one of the residential complexes Zelenograd.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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